When Will NV Energy Close One Of Its Last Coal-Fired Power Plants?

CSIRO, via Wikimedia Commons

About a year ago, NV Energy closed one of its oldest and most controversial power plants.

Environmentalists cheered the closure of the Reid-Gardner Generating Station, located 50 miles northeast of Nevada after more than 50 years of operation.

That came after state lawmakers passed a bill in 2013 that sought to end NV Energy’s reliance on coal to power Southern Nevada. Since then, the company has since promised to look to renewable energy.

But about 500 miles north of Las Vegas in a remote part of northern Nevada remains one of the state’s last coal-powered plants: Valmy.

And it might be here to stay for another seven years.

Kevin Geraghty, Senior Vice President of Operations for NV Energy, joined us to explain why the plant will remain open.

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