What Casinos Should You Visit In Vegas?

When you get to Las Vegas, you are probably going to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of casinos that you will see. They are towering in all directions. Walking up and down the Las Vegas strip, may want to stop at several different places, but you need to choose one or two to get acclimated. There are some that are very well known, whereas others will simply stand out on their own because of the way that they are built. Here are a couple of tips on how you can find great places to stay in Las Vegas, specifically at the casinos.

Circus Circus

The first place that you should go is Circus Circus. You may want to stay there because of the low cost of the rooms, however it’s also a great place for kids. There is the circus that is out the facility, allowing them to see amazing acrobats and tricks that are done by people that are performance. If you haven’t been to Circus Circus before, you will definitely be amazed at all of the activities that are available. They also have great shows, wonderful buffets, and a multitude of other activities that you can do by yourself, with friends, or with family.

The Stratosphere Loss Vegas

One of the cheapest places you can stay is called Stratosphere Las Vegas. It is known for one simple reason. It has the tallest of all of the viewable centers in Las Vegas, placing you up about a thousand feet. They have a restaurant on the top where you can see exceptional views, allowing you to see the surrounding landscape during the day, and the beautiful buildings at night. It’s one of the first places you should go, and then from there, you should head over to treasure Island.

Treasure Island Hotel And Casino

This is a beautiful casino that you should visit. It is very unique. It also has affordable rooms. There are restaurants, entertainment, and special deals and offers that are made all the time. You can see the Avengers, and the many other shows that this casino has available. It’s also a close walk to some of the other attractions like the Bellagio which has the fountains out France and the Luxor pyramid casino. These are all places that are exceptional, and if you haven’t been to Vegas and many years, you will definitely enjoy your trip.