NV Energy plays dirty

NV Energy recently found it could save customers money by closing its last coal plant and replacing it with clean solar power. As an NV Energy customer who wants to pay lower monthly bills, and see the end of coal pollution in Nevada, this is great news. The problem is that NV Energy still wants to keep the old, polluting coal plant running.

NV Energy’s decision to keep the expensive, dirty North Valmy Generating Station open makes no sense. We know renewable energy can keep our air and water clean, and that Nevada’s abundance of sunshine makes it an ideal state to develop solar power. The challenge has always been that solar power was more expensive. That’s no longer the case, but NV Energy is apparently still uninterested in committing to a clean energy future.

This decision means we will all be paying more to have our skies filled with coal pollution when we could be paying less for clean energy.

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